Welcome to Avi Driving School !!!

You are now at "the right place at the right time..." we, at Avi Driving School take seriously and respectfully any potential driver. Our mission is to give the best service possible to ensure the "driver to be" to become a safe driver. We know and we respect the fact that people shop around to get the best price when buying food, electronics, driving lessons, piano lessons etc. But, we all have to know and to remember that driving is unlike playing the piano; "you" can play the piano and make a mistake and no physical damage of any kind will happen, but when you drive, not only that the mistakes that you may do can harm you but it can harm also other innocent people; that's not all: other drivers may make mistakes or may deliberately "cut you off", brake suddenly, signal wrongly, don't give right of way and so on and so forth. That is why it is very important to choose the right driving school to get a good training that will help the driver to be to become a safe good driver.