Special Summer offer for Teenagers

6 Hours Behind the Wheel $270
2 Sessions of 3 Hours Within One Week, Advance Payment
1 Free road test in Kilmer with a paid 2 Hrs Driving session just before the road test to all students adults and teenagers
Who purchased the 6 Hrs Package for $270

*Restrictions apply
Special Offer* (Restrictions Apply)

6 Hours Behind the Wheel
(3 Hrs. + 3 Hrs.)

*Payment in advance required
"Guarantee To Pass Policy"*
(Limited Time Offer* Restrictions Apply*):

If you are our student from the very beginning, listened to us and did what we were suggesting, but still did not pass the first road test, the next road test is on us!!! FREE OF CHARGE!!!.
Did you (or someone you know) fail the road test with someone else more than once? We suggest you to pay attention for a moment: it must be something wrong that make you failing the road tests; just going to the road test and keep failing, that's not the right way to do it; because each time you go....and fail...your confidence will be less, you waste time, money and will have a lot of aggravations. That is why, we offer you to call us to discuss the issue with a professional, experienced driving instructor who has the knowledge and the "know how" to make you passing the road test. Our "Guarantee to pass policy"* is that if you listen to us and do what we suggest you to do but still did not pass the road test with us, ,the next road test will be on us, FREE OF CHARGE!!!! (sweeeeeet, isn't.....!!!!????).
If you prefer, you can e-mail us.

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